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Welcome to the OLD  blog page of the new Coast Brewing Company. We are located in North Charleston, South Carolina; on the site of the Old Navy Base. We chose the Noisette area for their sustainable community ideas and because, well, it ‘s a neat area with lots of history. This microbrewery is an extension of how we live our life: Simple (we try) , local and organic when possible. We have raised our family on organic and local foods, run our car and boiler on biodiesel and tread as lightly as possible on the earth. We hope this brewery will continue following in those steps because we believe it’s important. There really is no other way for us. Plus, we REALLY love beer! Please check out the website for the grassroots beer advocacy group I run, Pop the Cap SC. We are gearing up to change the beer scene in SC in 2008!

The HopArt IPA , 32/50 Kolsch and the Blackbeerd Imperial Stout are out and about at local restaurants and bars.(Check the “Where to get…”page). The Chocolate Rye Brown has had it’s 15 minutes of fame and has ,sadly, recently retired. Due to release March 4: Red Legs Scotch Ale brewed with heather. If your favorite local place doesn’t carry COAST, ask them! In the meantime, visit our myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/coastbeer

Blackbeerd, the Imperial Stout, was released the first week in December. We might even be bottling a limited 22 oz. run! Our Scotch Ale, brewed with Heather tips, will be released March 4!!

SC State Law prohibits us from selling directly to customers and from consuming on premise. That means NO growler fills, NO tastings and no sales! Does that make you mad? It should, go ptcsc.wordpress.com and help change it!

Please respect beer and enjoy it responsibly.

HEY- WE want your opinion, style suggestion, ideas…. lay it on us!




  1. Will this be a brewpub, or will we see distribution in kegs and/or bottles?

  2. We will be a small microbrewery. We really believe in the localization of the brewing industry, so we will be distributing in the Charleston and immediate area market. Keg only at first and then growlers, 22’s and hopefully bottles- we’d like to do returnable.

  3. Will you need any assistant brewers or help around the brewery??

  4. Jaime,

    When would be the soonest one could swing by the brewery and check out the setup and maybe bring a beer or two to share?


  5. Hey guys. We are so excited for you. Willie might actually come down for a visit now. lots of luck. xoxp&w

  6. I know you are still waiting on power, but will there be a ceremonial first tapping???

  7. Of course, sometime in the summer. We’re planning a really nice grand opening/first tapping- it’s just a matter of timing.




  9. Put me on the list, I would love to attend. Also, the PTC dinner needs to be a regular thing.

  10. Hi, I am in Rock Hill about 200 miles from Charleston. I hope you are successful with your new brewery. I come to Charleston as often as I can so I will be checking in on your brew’s. I am a hophead so I hope that you make a great IPA, and now that we have the law passed by the Govenor you can make it the way it should be made.

    Steve Brooks

  11. Looking forward to your beer! Because of the old limits I have had to bring good micros home with me to Walterboro. Please put me on a mailing list if you have one. I’d certainly like to attend your grand opening/first tapping. Hope you establish a brewpub also. If you aren’t aware of Great Lakes Brewery in Cleveland, Ohio, you might like to check them out. Their philosophy is the same as yous: local, eco-friendly, organic etc.

  12. I found out about you guys in the City Paper. I am very familiar wth, and supportive of, the sustainability initiative surrounding Noisette. I am also a homebrewer who would love to tour your facility and help you celebrate your first tapping. Please keep me posted and best of luck to you.

  13. Sweet! A new local brewer! Now that SC has loosend it’s strangle hold on the brewers, hopefully we’ll see the trade flourish. I’ve been brewing strong beers myself at home, but it’ll be nice to have a local brewery doing it too. Best of luck to you folks and please let me know when your plan to do an opening or something to that effect.

  14. I am curious about the Coast Brewery and the possible need for brewers. I am graduating from the Master Brewer’s Program at the University of California, Davis. As a former Charlestonian, I am really hoping to move back to the southeast to begin my brewing career. Good luck with the brewery. Cheers.

  15. I am incredibly excited about your project. Drop me a line so we can help get that first batch into the market.

  16. Hi, I round up the blogs for the Post and Courier. Let me know when you are ready for your formal launch, and I’ll post your info on Lowcountry Blogs. I have the feeling a good number of local bloggers, myself included, would find the opening a fantastic excuse for a meet-up.

  17. Last time I took a “tour” of Palmetto Brewery, one of the brewers there was making a very small batch of Barley Wine, which I was lucky enough to taste. Is that one of the guys associated with Coast?

  18. Been wondering how to tour the Palmetto Brewery but those quotation marks lead me to believe its less formal than I thought. Who do I contact?

    Real excited about the Coast Brewery – please send any info about parties, openings, brew launch and what restaurants, etc.

  19. Hey guys, we’re all really excited about your project up here in Awendaw, McClellanville. We can’t wait to down one. Congratulations!

  20. Hey guys…thanks for showing us around the brewery and letting us taste your amazing beers. We had a great time!!! We miss you already!!! Send me your email address so I can send you the blog I wrote about you.

    And have a great holiday – go ahead, work too hard. I know you’re going to anyway.

    Take care of yourselves – we’ll see you soon…

    Dave Brodrick & Iris Kim

  21. I’ve now ravenously sought out your Kolsch & IPA. As a self-affirmed hophead, I’ve got to tell you that HopArt is EXCEPTIONAL. I live in West Ashley, and would love to be put on any mailing lists, communications, etc. for you towards the future. VERY interested in grabbing a growler or some bombers once you get past the initial keg-only phase. You are doing god’s work, keep it up!!

  22. Homebrewer here in Charleston. Love that you guys have some ingredients/equipment here close by. I will have to stop by the brewery….

  23. I had your beer at Moe’s Downtown Tavern last weekend. Great stuff, I realy enjoyed it.

  24. Hey Jamie,

    I submitted your addition to this site. Looks pretty cool.


  25. I’ve gone by the brewery a couple of times and am sorely tempted to stop, but I know you guys are very busy doing what you do.
    Is there ever a time when you allow some fans to stop and check out the facilities? I wanted to ask you when I saw you at EVO last week, but I know you celebrities don’t like to be bothered! 😉

    BTW, I’ve told everyone that your IPA is the best beer I’ve ever had. Thanks for making it!

  26. Just had your Coast IPA last night as Poe’s. It was WONDERFUL!!! Being from Atlanta I miss my Sweetwater. I saw that you mentioned growlers. Can we pick these up someplace? Where?
    Thanks and great job.

  27. When will we be able to get this great stuff in bottles?

  28. I havnt any coast yet but im sure it will be pretty tasty. W need to find a way to have palmetto and coast shipped to a distributer in new jersey cause thats where the real magic happens

  29. Wanted to say THANK YOU for brewing. I’ve waited with anticipation and have made it to EVO and Gene’s have a taste. The Scotch Ale is fantastic and the IPA, as others have mentioned, is one of the best beers I have every had.

  30. hey guys quite impressed with your story i read in southern brew news . I really admire the way you guys took the whole approach in the organic thing and the enviroment. Its nice to see someone take pride in the work and also the enviroment. Im a novice brewer looking to go pro someday thinking about going to brew school in vermont . i live in downtown st. petersburg fl. and boy does this place need a micro brew pub badddd!!!! hopefully i can forfill that dream someday soon real soon !!!!! like to make a special trip someday to visit your brewery. good luck on your sucsess .

  31. Great brewery. My friend and I stopped by this past weekend. Thanks for the hospitality. After our visit we went down the road and toured the Hunley. We mentioned that we had been to the micro down the street and no one knew anything about you. It occured to us that maybe you should think about a dedication brew for the Hunley crew. Might be a good marketing angle and get more recognition for the Hunley. Just a thought and keep making the best beer in Charleston!

  32. Had the Scotch ale the other night and felt moved to tell you that it was love at first taste. Please tell me you’re going to sell in bottles soon. Plase add me to your mailing list.


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