Posted by: Jaime | March 23, 2007

Biodiesel Generator?

Any one out there in cyberland know about powering a building on a generator? The building we are leasing has a HUGE diesel generator that hasn’t been used much or long (700 hrs). We are looking into if it is feasible to power the WHOLE brewery off of this. I work at a biodiesel plant and we would run it on biodiesel with batteries as well. We need someone familiar with this to come check it out and give us their opinion as to whether it is feasible or not…..drop me a line.



  1. I’m a local Beer Advocate (JPCleary on BA) as well as a Generator Technician. I’d be glad to come by and see what you guys have hooked up to that building. Do you have any of the pertinent unit information. Manufacturer, model number, serial number, kilowatt rating, etc. You can find all of this information on the unit’s data tag. You can usually find the data tag somewhere around the control area. If not that’s O.K. Also have you found an automatic transfer switch in any of the electrical rooms yet? Contact me at and we’ll set up a time to come see what you got.

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