Posted by: Jaime | August 28, 2007

So close we can almost taste it, sort of

Every day we get just a little bit closer to brewing! It sure seems like a long time but really, it’s not so bad. For 2 people who have kept their full time day jobs and have gotten the brewery together on their own (besides a boiler guy and walk-in cooler guy), 6 months is nothin’ short of a miracle. The boiler is being finished, walk-in will be done by this weekend, the brewhouse is plumbed and ready to be tested.I’m still painting away- a job with no end in sight. Still no mill or keg washer yet though….Looks like next weekend will be our first brew ever and I sure hope nothing goes wrong. I am not looking forward to bringing all the kegs to Palmetto to be washed and all the grain to be milled. If anyone has any leads on a keg washer or mill, PLEASE contact me.


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