Posted by: Jaime | October 22, 2007

Grand Opening

A HUGE Thanks to the 200+ people who came out for our Grand Opening. Between the bluegrass bands, food, beer and friends it couldn’t be beat! It was great to catch up with old friends, meet new ones and talk about beer. A special thanks to all my family who came from all over to be a part of it, your the best.

I think the feedback was positive and it sure seems like folks are ready to drink some COAST. There really wasn’t one beer that stood out as a single favorite, we got great feedback on the kolsch, ipa and coffee rye brown…..keep the feedback and suggestions coming.The first kegs should be going out starting tomorrow. Start looking at EVO, Daily Dose, Mellow Mushroom, Charleston Beer Works, Red Drum and a few others I am blanking on. We’ll post all locations here and on our website as soon as it is finished.

I am going to post my offical thank you list for all the world to see:

We are eternally  grateful ……..*  John and Mikey, who spent 3 straight days moving our equipment from Macon, Ga. John and crew for the beautiful tap handles.*  Brainstorm Design for our wonderful e invitations and website*  fuzzco for rocking the graphics (and putting up with my constant revisions)*  Jeff and gang at Noisette for finding COAST the perfect home.*  Brooks Signs because the chalk sign gets washed away!* * Billy Chard, who pumped out 480 organic rolls, just for us! (somebody talk him into opening his own bakery, please!) .

Frank Hughes, the BBQ Master- the boy scouts have it good!

 EVO and Daily Dose,For their food when we were hungry and their encouragement when we needed it. First kegs go to them!* Gravity Distributors- for taking a chance on their  dream as well as ours.* Our kids for spending long hours at the brewery and complaining only half the time.* The countless others who we are too sleep deprived to remember at the moment!

* Palmetto Brewery- letting us borrow the keg washer, the mill, the…well, everything and then some!

*  Beer advocates, writers, believers and drinkers of craft beer and all those who paved the way.*  Ahern’s Anvil for the COAST iron brand. 

* The Radio Pirates and FolkGrass, too bad I didn’t get a chance to dance!

* Our family, especially our parents . Pitching in, taking the kids at all hours and cautiously believing we could do it. HUGE thanks to my Dad, the ultimate handyman. We absolutely could not have done it without him. What will he possibly  do with all his free time now? 


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