Posted by: Jaime | November 12, 2007

So a guy stops by the brewery….

and it just so happens to be Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery. He was in town for the Brooklyn dinner at High Cotton and having some lunch at EVO (Garrett is a founding member of Slow Foods and EVO is our local convivium). Not to mention we were already hangin’ with Julie and Jason from Bruisin’ Ales! We were pretty honored and excited to have him there. He genuinely seemed interested in our little brewery and for a guy that big, it’s pretty cool. It’s a little nerve-wracking to have him try your beers right in front of you (especially those still in the fermenter).  Later that evening, I was seated next to him at the dinner. It was fabulous to hear his opinion on everything from his own beer to wine, to pairings and the state of craft beer. The food was fantastic, even for me getting the vegetarian option. The pairings were great, the Local 1 ever so tasty and the black chocolate stout out of this world! This day definitely goes in the beer history books for us! Check out some pics:

wolfert30.jpg    wolfert42.jpg  wolfert25.jpg  wolfert44.jpg


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