Posted by: Jaime | February 13, 2008

Labels Approved!!

Just moments ago….. we finally got label approval for 3 of our beers! This was such  a long and arduous process (not to mention a learning curve), I am glad it’s done. For now anyway, until we brew more styles, which come to think of it we already have. So I guess I will be doing this again in the near future. For now, Cheers to HopArt IPA, Blackbeerd Imperial Stout and Rye Not Brown! (No Kolsch for now until we decide if 22 oz. would work for it).



  1. Let’s see the labels. Congrats, it seems like ya’ll are doing great out there. I promise I will get over to check you out soon.

  2. yeah, dealing with the TTB is some touch crap. the first labels I ever sent to them were rejected. which was humbling. congrats on the label approval!

    flying dog brewery

  3. Normally, i would advise you to abandon the IPA and bring the Brown back, but in it’s current incarnation, the IPA is tasty….

    So I say to you, lead the resurgence in non-‘extreme’ beers with the rye brown leading the charge….

    and NO.
    I’m not going to give up.


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