Posted by: Jaime | February 25, 2008

Scotch Ale Release at Mellow Mushroom, 3/4

Finally. After  a seemingly forever conditioning time, our Scotch Ale will be released Tuesday, March 4 from 6-8. It was brewed with Heather Tips and has wonderful caramel notes to please  your inner maltiness!
More details soon. See you at the Mushroom!



  1. Scotch Ale Names

    Hey I was at the brewery yesterday checking out your home brew store. It is great to have a place where we will be able to get some things locally. I was brainstorming on the way home and almost as soon as I left brewery I cam up with a name for you Scotch Ale. You could go with something like Surfin Sam’s Scottish Ale. There are many things that could be put in place for Sam, Sullivan, Stono, Seabrook, or any other local or non local name. For the label you could use a twist on your Coast emblem with a dude “Sam” riding a surf board dressed in a kilt and other scotch garb. You could almost use the guy as a mascot for the brewery that pops up on labels or other places. It could be similar to the Burt bee’s guy.

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