Who We Are…

David  is a born and bred South Carolinian. He spent his younger years surfing and skating the Lowcountry. After 2 years of college he found homebrewing. He enrolled in the American Brewers Guild in  CA in 1998. After graduating he worked at Southend Brewery for a short time. He then moved over to Palmetto Brewing Co. and has been there ever since. He still loves to surf (when he has time) and you’ll be sure to see a lot of that inspiration throughout the brewery. He is the proud Dad of two young boys (and future brewers).

     Jaime may be from NJ but has fallen in love with the more laid back southern lifestyle. She graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in Biology. She’s had various jobs over the years; health food store manager, lab specialist, yoga teacher. She was a stay at home mom until taking the lab job at Southeast Biodiesel, a biodiesel production facility in North Charleston. She is proud to be the mama of Kai and Aiden, 2 of the many reasons they started this company.

For the last year they have run the Pop the Cap organization; a grass roots group to boost the alcohol limit on beer. They’ve been enjoying some Hop Wallop and Imperial Stout, thanks to the law being changed.

They are taking a  leap of faith that the brewery they have had running in the back of their mind for a few years is ready to come to fruition.



  1. hell yes people. i demand coast beer ASAP!!!!!
    i will not be denied in this matter. the south will rise again atop the heady brews of davey merrit. purity come down, good living and kindness to all. good luck brother.
    love, marsh

  2. 7/7/07
    David, please give me a call for some free publicity in Ale Street News and Celebrator Beer News.
    Bobby Bush
    828-328-2213 x3407

  3. Do you guys have a phone number or address so we can stop by and see the shop? When are the first brew gonna be out?

  4. Hey guys, I own a bartending catering service here in Charleston and have a client who wants me to provide some of your beer for a party this Friday night (3/28) and was wondering how to get it. Can you help me out?

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