Why we are “green”…

Simply put, it’s the only way to go. Since we live our life (to the best of our ability) this way, we couldn’t imagine not running our business the same way. However, it does take on some new dimensions. Since you are actually trying to make money at said business, you need to look at your bottom line, but that’s not everything. Why can’t we make money (albeit it might be less) and be green and be content with our decisions at the end of the day? I say we can and we are trying to do just that. Here’s a rundown of how we are trying to be sustainable and eco-conscious here at COAST:

Biodiesel powered boiler

Organic ingredients (grains and some hops)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Used equipment, renovations with reclaimed materials (ala Habitat for Humanity), recycle everything. Our spent grains goes to Legare Farms on Johns Island to feed to his happy cows.

Be as energy efficient as possible! Takes planning.

Why we’re not a certified organic brewery? Not an quick, easy answer. We just didn’t feel it was necessary the time and expense. We use  certified organic malts almost exclusively (we can’t find an organic smoked malt), because we want to and we feel like it is important. When our website is finished every ingredient, and whether it is organic or not, will be listed.


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